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Touch Sensor Piano PCB Kits

Again, a long overdue project article, but I am slowly getting through them.
This project originally started when I made a mini piano on a 400 point breadboard with screws as the touch sensitive keys. I was looking for an easier way to make keys that are secure, but extremely easy to make and assemble. The ideal solution would have been a tool-less, solder-less version that costs almost nothing, but I have yet to find such a solution. So, I designed a PCB to the 3 components of the piano, and used very large, circular SMD pads as the touch sensitive inputs.
Making a PCB allowed for a much smaller footprint, as well as easier assembly although there is soldering involved now – for me it is easy, but for others possibly not.
I may get to the point where I offer this kit as a beginner’s electronics kit, or as soldering practice like many kits I have seen on eBay.
After a year or so of using it and watching other people use it, I would have made the touch pads bigger, and would love to figure out a way to play more than one tone at once to create a harmonic.

Project By: Micah Black
Wirtten By: Micah Black