Who we Are:

I have been working with Arduinos for roughly the past 5 years, and have completed many projects during that time including a maze solving robot, a 100W LED flashlight, a portable pong game, a mini piano, a block sorting robotic arm, and a 4 x 4 x 4 RGB LED cube. I am involved in a robotics club that participates in IEEE Arduino and VEX Robotics challenges. I have participated at Random Hacks of Kindness, an event that empowers organizations with the power of technology. I have built a 3D Printer (from a kit) and am looking forward to build a laser engraver/cutter, CNC machine, or another 3D printer from scratch.

I am first a student and then run A2D Electronics. If I have homework or projects, there may be a delay in processing orders. I will do my best to complete all orders within 3 business days.

How we Started:

A2D Electronics started when I realized that there was no place to buy electronics such as Arduinos at a reasonable price in Ottawa, or even in all of Canada for that matter. I had been ordering products to satisfy my electronics needs for the past few months, but just like you, I was fed up with the 8+ week shipping time for every order. It was out of this frustration that the foundations for this business came. I started selling Arduinos on Kijiji, and found that there was a fairly big interest in the Ottawa community. I dumped all the profits back in to the business and started growing an inventory (filling up more of our basement). In summer 2017, I participated in the Ontario government’s Summer Company program with Invest Ottawa.

Our Mission:

We are committed to providing electronics at an affordable and realistic price.

Where we Are:

A2D Electronics is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.