Who we Are:

We are two high school students who enjoy technology. We are beginning to experiment with Arduino and microelectronics.  We thought that A2D Electronics would give us an opportunity to learn more about this area while gaining great experience in learning how to run a business and e-commerce.  Our goal is to build interesting projects, such as what you’ve seen featured here in the past. While school is our priority, we are committed to providing quality parts quickly and at a reasonable price.  We will strive to ensure all orders are completed within 3 business days.

How we Started:

A2D Electronics was started by a local high school student in 2017 when he realized that there was no place to buy electronics such as Arduinos at a reasonable price in Ottawa, or even in all of Canada for that matter. He had been ordering products to satisfy his own electronics needs, but just like you, he was fed up with the 8+ week shipping time for every order. It was out of this frustration that the foundations for this business came. He started selling Arduinos on Kijiji, and found that there was a fairly big interest in the Ottawa community. He dumped all the profits back into the business and started growing an inventory. In summer 2017, he participated in the Ontario government’s Summer Company program with Invest Ottawa. 

Our Mission:

We are committed to providing electronics at an affordable and realistic price.

Where we Are:

A2D Electronics is based in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.