Eco-Charge Portable USB Power Bank

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These power banks are made from 100% recycled lithium-ion batteries, that come from old laptop battery packs.

Do your part in helping the environment and get your own Eco-Charge power bank.

To date, we have re-used over 100kg of lithium batteries.

Eco-Charge power banks are perfect for powering small Arduino and Raspberry Pi projects, as they do not have a minimum current draw required to stay on. With a majority of the commercial power banks that I have tested, if there is less than roughly 200mA of current drawn, they will turn off after a couple seconds – not the case with these batteries.

This is the fully assembled version, if you want to build your own, you can buy the kit.

I started this product as part of a Junior Achievement program, so a huge thanks to Eco-Charge (a JA company) for letting me continue to sell these power banks!

More information on these power banks can be seen on the projects section here.


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