37 Piece sensor and module kit

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A great kit to start out with and explore the world of sensors! Example code and wiring for all the modules can be found here.

Comes in a nice box and includes all the following sensors and modules:
KY-001 DSO18B20 Temperature sensor
KY-002 Vibration switch
KY-003 Hall effect magnetic sensor
KY-004 Push Button
KY-005 Infrared emission LED
KY-006 Small passive buzzer
KY-008 Red Laser Pointer
KY-010 Photo Interrupter (Optical switch)
KY-011 2-color 3mm LED
KY-012 Active buzzer
KY-013 Analog Temperature sensor
KY-015 DHT11 Temperature and humidity sensor
KY-016 5mm RGB LED
KY-017 Mercury Tilt Switch
KY-018 Photoresistor
KY-019 5V relay
KY-020 Tilt switch
KY-021 Mini magnetic reed switch
KY-022 Infrared receiver
KY-023 XY-axis joystick
KY-024 Linear Magnetic Hall Effect sensor
KY-025 Adjustable Reed Switch
KY-026 Flame sensor (IR Sensor)
KY-027 Magic light cup
KY-028 Digital Temperature sensor
KY-029 2-color LED 3MM
KY-031 Knock Sensor
KY-032 Obstacle Avoidance sensor (IR Distance Sensor)
KY-033 IR Reflectance sensor
KY-034 Colour Changing LED
KY-035 Analog Hall effect magnetic sensor
KY-036 Metal touch sensor
KY-037 Big Sound Sensor
KY-038 Small Sound Sensor
KY-039 Heartbeat Sensor
KY-040 Rotary encoder