DIY Arduino Kit TH Components

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Includes all the components necessary to make your very own Arduino, while learning about all the components involved in the process!

All you need to do is solder it together, which is very easy – this kit has only Through-Hole components, much easier to solder than SMD (Surface Mount Device) Components.

We have added detailed instructions here.

The PCB was designed by us, based upon the open source official Arduino schematics. It has been thoroughly tested to ensure proper functionality.

The onboard USB port only supports powering the Arduino, it does not allow to upload code to the Arduino. To upload code, please include the FTDI USB to Serial Adapter in your purchase. It plugs in just behind the USB port, and allows you to upload code to the Arduino. Extra drivers are not required for this USB adapter, the ones built in to windows support it already. The USB port has a PTC fuse, just like regular Arduinos to limit the current from the USB port so that it is not damaged.

All AtMega328s will come with the bootloader on it already, so you do not need to upload it.