Programmable Eload 10A 24V 50W

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This board was designed as a simple programmable electronic load (eload) for discharging batteries for computer-controlled single-cell tests. The goals was to do 1 thing pretty well – constant-current discharging for Low-Voltage, Low-Power cells.

I did not add extra features such as a high output slew rate or extra measurement ports, as this will be controlled by a computer that can have other devices hooked up for that (such as the A2D 4ch Isolated ADC). There is no front-panel interface either to keep complexity and cost to a minimum, and all control happens through a SCPI interface on the USB port. Examples to get up and running with a python script are provided (see the Communication section). Up to 32 devices can be controlled from a single USB connection by connecting the RS485 bus together.

The full spec sheet with links to firmware, schematic, and control software is available here (link).