37 Piece sensor and module kit

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A great kit to start out with and explore the world of sensors! Example code and wiring for all the modules can be found here.

Includes all the following sensors and modules:

KY-001 DSO18B20 Temperature sensor

KY-002 Vibration switch

KY-003 Hall effect magnetic sensor

KY-004 Push Button

KY-005 Infrared emission LED

KY-006 Small passive buzzer

KY-008 Red Laser Pointer


KY-010 Photo Interrupter (Optical switch)

KY-011 2-color 3mm LED

KY-012 Active buzzer

KY-013 Analog Temperature sensor

KY-015 DHT11 Temperature and humidity sensor

KY-016 5mm RGB LED

KY-017 Mercury Tilt Switch

KY-018 Photoresistor

KY-019 5V relay

KY-020 Tilt switch

KY-021 Mini magnetic reed switch

KY-022 Infrared receiver

KY-023 XY-axis joystick

KY-024 Linear Magnetic Hall Effect sensor

KY-025 Adjustable Reed Switch

KY-026 Flame sensor (IR Sensor)

KY-027 Magic light cup

KY-028 Digital Temperature sensor

KY-029 2-color LED 3MM

KY-031 Knock Sensor

KY-032 Obstacle Avoidance sensor (IR Distance Sensor)

KY-033 IR Reflectance sensor

KY-034 Colour Changing LED

KY-035 Analog Hall effect magnetic sensor

KY-036 Metal touch sensor

KY-037 Big Sound Sensor

KY-038 Small Sound Sensor

KY-039 Heartbeat Sensor

KY-040 Rotary encoder



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